Tuk Tuks, Nusa Lembongan

$ 180.00

Join the Salt diaries family and hang this beautiful image on your wall or workspace. Our art is captured with love, and we hope you will feel the love radiate through our images! All the art pon shows throughout our website is customizable to any size/display you might want. We will ship Framed Prints Australia Wide and Rolled Prints Worldwide.

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Product Description

Our art hopefully will hopefully sit proudly in a happy place within your home or work space. Our team can also customize artwork to suit your needs, so if you need anything specific please get in touch through the Contact US section and we can talk through exactly what you want.

Salt Diaries is a photographer based in Perth, Western Australia and has been creating memories for over 10 years around Australia and the World.

Why Salt Diaries?

Salt Diaries is a proud Western Australian, who prides his work from the moment of capturing an image to the time it is printed, framed and delivered to your wall. All the art is manufactured locally from Perth, supporting local Art Dealers. 

We hope you love this artwork as much as we do and hope it will add a touch of love to your special space it will hang on the wall.


Salt Diaries will ship Framed Prints Australia Wide and Rolled Prints Worldwide.

Salt Diaries will also customise any images as you might need to accommodate your space. Please touch base with our team to discuss your options.

Shipping of your product will generally take 7 - 12 days based on Time of year and current production requirements.

Refund Policy

Our service is completely 100% money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the product.

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