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I grew up always curious about what was a candid photographic moment, however my curiosity did not materialise in actually learning the craft - Salt Diaries was purely a childhood  dream that was never fulfilled.

Fortunately, a solo surf trip up the NSW coast activated my vision and passion to capture emotion from any given moment in time. If I am lucky to touch the soul of just one person with a reaction to an image or moment I capture, a reaction that places that person for one moment in that photo; then I will smile.Completely self taught across photo and film, I am loving the journey to catch up on all the childhood visions I have ever had!

Thanks, Adam

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Salt Diaries

“Welcome to the Salt Diaries Journey. Please enjoy our selection of prints, which are all available for sale - either in print or frame form. We offer Free Shipping Australia Wide. Escape with us and enjoy!”

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If you need your event, company or portfolio to be brought to life, then you have landed at the right place. Adam and his team from Salt Diaries have been perfecting their craft for the last 10 years, across various services - drone, landscape, sports action and water based photography. Our team can offer the perfect solution to your creative vision and help develop your brand reach even further.

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